I find it hard to explain to people why Ihave all these problems and haven't fallen pregnant yet..

By T.F.

I am 28 years of age and am a DES affected person.

After 12 years of menstrual problems, many doctors and specialist visits, curettes and laparoscopies I was told I was just dysfunctional and there was nothing anyone could do.

Having tried for a baby for about 3 years with the help of fertility drugs, in the last year I couldn't accept that there was nothing wrong.

My mother had read an article about DES and realized that she had taken the drug to prevent a miscarriage and suggested that I go to the DES Clinic at the Royal Women’s Hospital. Neither my doctor .or specialist would give me a referral letter but very nervous and upset I went anyway.

My problems over the years had been continual bleeding for anything up to 6 weeks at a time, together with very painful ovulating and periods.

When I went for my appointment there was a specialist from the DES Clinic and the specialist from the Royal Women’s who both recognized straight away what the problem was. They had the camera in me and I could also see what was happening on the screen. There was an abnormal ridge, abnormal cells and a part of my uterus had deteriorated and the slightest bit of pressure would make it bleed. They also felt the shape of the womb and both said it felt an odd shape. Within about 4 weeks I was booked in for an operation and my bleeding is now over.

I get very frustrated that no-one knows anything about DES) and I find it hard to explain to people why Ihave all these problems and haven't fallen pregnant yet.

it has now been 4 years since we started trying. People just don't seem to believe that a drug taken by my mother could affect me. Even my doctor and specialist think this way and this really upsets me.

Published in our newsletter DESPATCH in 1987