Prem pregnancy

I have experienced many of the usual frustrations dealing with the medical profession

By J.H

I am writing in appreciation for the information and support with which you have provided me through your DES Action literature. I am a DES daughter who has experienced many of the usual frustrations dealing with the medical profession.

In July 1983 I was diagnosed as suffering from "psychological amenorrhea" after the removal of a benign cervical polyp. It was this that prompted my mother to investigate drugs she was prescribed during her pregnancy with me. No records were available through the doctor she had consulted but, being a country town, the chemist was much more helpful and willing to provide her records.

Through my mother's research and your information, I gained the confidence to obtain a second opinion from a Specialist prepared to investigate the possibility of cervical stenosis. This proved to be the case, and the situation was rectified.

In January 1985 my first pregnancy was confirmed and we were delighted. Our delight quickly turned to despair with three threatened miscarriages in the first trimester. My Obstetrician assured me that DES could not possibly be connected. My pregnancy then progressed normally information from 11 weeks until 28 weeks -when our beautiful daughter arrived prematurely. Fortunately she was a very strong baby and, after nine weeks of worry and anguish, she was able to come home.

I discussed the possibility of her premature arrival with my Obstetrician and was assured that it was definitely related to DES. On my six week check-up, armed with copies of DESPATCH (with the relevant sections highlighted) I broached the subject again. Faced with this information he was far more reasonable and conceded there was a possible connection, if not a probable one.

We are rather concerned about any future pregnancy as the prospect of another premature delivery is not one we relish. We were extremely lucky this time; it may not be the case next time.

As you can see, I am enormously indebted to you. If I had not had the information provided by DESPATCH, I would not have been able to request the appropriate treatment.

In fact, I would probably still be suffering "psychological amenorrhea"!

Published in our newsletter DESPATCH in 1986