No record of pregnancy

The obstetrician who treated me says he can find "no records" of my pregnancy or daughter’s birth.

By T.C.

I have a 16 year old daughter who may be affected by DES as I had a series of injections throughout the first 6 months of pregnancy (following 2 previous miscarriages).

I have traced the obstetrician who treated me but he says he can find "no records" of my pregnancy or her birth.

I asked a female gynaecologist about it 2 years ago. She rang the obstetrician, and relayed the message that "he would never have used anything like that anyway."

However nobody will tell me what I was injected with weekly for the second 2 months and then fortnightly for the next four i.e. until the 6th month of pregnancy.

This particular woman gynaecologist then treated me as a neurotic and insinuated it was immoral of me to worry my daughter with such theories.

I disagree and feel we should know as much as possible about ourselves.

Published in our newsletter DESPATCH in 1987