Tall Girls Story Emerges in Holland

Twenty- four years ago, I became chair of Tall Girls Inc in Australia. Interestingly, our story has now been given coverage on the Dutch TV program ‘Radar’. Footage from Insight (SBS TV 1997) was used to provide the historical context and discussion as to what happened to us, why, and what are the long- term effects? Women in Holland are now expressing their own concerns which mirror exactly those we expressed all those years ago.

In 2004 a paper on the long-term effects on fertility was published in The Lancet, by Dr. Alison Venn et al.

The conclusion was that treated Tall Girls, whether exposed to DES or EE, were at significant risk of experiencing infertility or were sub fertile.

This result was also delivered to an International conference of Paediatric Endocrinologists and Endocrinologists held at the time in Melbourne. Tall Girls Inc was reassured that these conclusions would bring to an end this form of unnecessary cosmetic endocrinology, worldwide.

How wrong were we!! We now learn that in Holland this treatment did not stop until 2012!!

This treatment, more than 24 years later, is now receiving attention in Holland. Women are sharing their stories and expressing their concerns about their health problems, as we did in Australia. RADAR, a program on the Dutch public broadcaster TV network, has covered the story providing an opportunity for a discussion and for women to tell their stories, network and take action.

What is very clear, is, there is an urgent need for further research so that the plight of treated women, whatever their country of origin, is acknowledged and understood and not dismissed.

RADAR program on 22.02.21

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